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  • Jan 24, 2022
    32 pages
    ESG Research Report
    Security posture management challenges are driven by the growing attack surface. Organizations have accelerated cloud computing initiatives and have been forced to support a growing population of remote users because of the pandemic. Firms are also…
  • Jan 20, 2022
    3 pages
    ESG Brief
    As organizations look to make data and analytics capabilities available to more stakeholders, providing the right tools, technology, and training for all employees rooted in self-service is proving valuable. A key benefit of self-service is productiv…
  • Jan 18, 2022
    56 pages
    ESG Complete Survey Results
    ESG conducted a comprehensive online survey of IT professionals from private- and public-sector organizations in North America (United States and Canada) between August 3, 2021 and August 14, 2021. To qualify for this survey, respondents were require…
  • Jan 13, 2022
    3 pages
    ESG Brief
    With a goal of broadening BI usage throughout the business, organizations are turning to advanced BI capabilities. Embedded analytics, mobile application delivery and support, augmented analytics, self-service enablement, low-code/no-code, and natura…
  • Jan 12, 2022
    3 pages
    ESG Brief
    Business intelligence has long served as a technology-driven process for analyzing data and delivering actionable information that helps a variety of roles—from executives and managers to business analysts and data scientists—make more informed busin…