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Welcome to Enterprise Strategy Group’s Interactive Research Portal (IRP)! This comprehensive research repository serves as your go-to location for up-to-date primary research on tech buyer behavior, plans and priorities. Within the IRP, you can conduct targeted topic searches; share and comment on content; and create custom reports from multiple research sources. Here’s a quick reminder of what’s available to you within the IRP:

  • Unlimited access to Enterprise Strategy Group’s complete catalog of ongoing research reports, research briefs, and complete survey results. 

  • Annual releases of our Global Trends Studies, such as they Technology Spending Intentions, Media Consumption, Purchase Process, and Salary & Careers surveys.

  • Access to Intent Insights Reports: These reports aggregate purchase intent signals from across the TechTarget network and pair that activity data—including topics resonating with buyers, content being consumed, and personas in market—with our experts’ actionable advice to inform your go-to-market, messaging, and content creation strategies.  

To get started, enter a topic or keyword(s) into the left search area and filter as needed by coverage area, report type, analyst, and/or publish date. Alternatively, select the New Reports tab to navigate to recently released research. 

Within the IRP, you can also produce your own customized, downloadable reports using our Clippings feature; gather and organize related research from multiple studies; save custom searches to your home page; and request specific data cuts of our research via Enterprise Strategy Group’s Data Concierge.