Research Report: The Impact of Server Virtualization on Data Protection
ESG Research Report
In order to assess the current state of data protection in virtualized environments, ESG asked 304 respondents familiar with their organization’s server virtualization strategies about how—if at all—the technology has impacted their backup processes. In addition to their virtualization knowledge, all respondents were personally responsible for evaluating, purchasing, or managing data protection technologies—such as backup and recovery software, data replication software, and disk or tape storage systems used for secondary data storage—for their organization.
The survey was designed to answer the following questions:
  • How pervasive is the usage of server virtualization technology? Does this vary based on the size of respondent organizations?
  • What are the data protection challenges for organizations using server virtualization?
  • What methods do organizations use to protect virtual machines today? How do they expect to protect them in the future?
  • Does the organization maintain different approaches to protecting its virtual and physical servers? What is the preference for protecting physical versus virtual?
  • What are the roles of disk and tape as storage mediums for virtual server backup and recovery? What are the preferred types of disk storage?
  • How has the adoption of server virtualization impacted data protection processes?
  • Is the implementation of server virtualization a catalyst for changing data protection vendors/solutions? If provided the opportunity to completely re-architect the backup process from scratch, would organizations use the same solution/vendor or switch?
  • What is the relationship between implementing server virtualization and deduplication technology?
  • For virtual server environments, how are data protection solutions and processes being evaluated?
  • What functional groups in the organization are primarily responsible for funding data protection technology purchases in support of the virtual server environment?
Survey participants represent a wide range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, communications and media, health care, retail, government, and business services.
Report Info
Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
    • Report Conclusions
  • Introduction
    • Research Objectives
  • Research Findings
    • Market Overview
    • Server Virtualization Initiatives are Well Underway
    • Virtual Server Backup is a Top Area of Data Protection Investment
    • Data Protection Processes among Current Server Virtualization Technology Users
    • Physical versus Virtual System Protection
    • Evaluation and Organizational Issues for Data Protection
    • The Role of Disk and Tape in Virtual Server Backup and Recovery
    • The Impact of Server Virtualization Technology on Data Protection
  • Conclusion
  • Research Methodology
  • Respondent Demographics
    • Respondents by Role
    • Respondents by Technology Responsibility
    • Respondents by Number of Employees
    • Respondents by Industry
    • Respondents by Annual Revenue
    • Respondents by Physical Locations Worldwide
    • Respondents by Data Centers Operated Worldwide
    • Respondents by Number of Production Servers
    • Respondents by Total Amount of Data