ESG Market Summary Report: Decision Analytics: Building the Foundation for Predictive Intelligence and Beyond
ESG Market Summary Report

Aug 07, 2014
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Decision analytics may appear to some as the light at the end of the tunnel, but most will experience it as the oncoming train that is hard to dodge. Decision analytics is the process of rendering decisions supported by analytic capabilities that improve the decision-making process and reduce decision time, complexity, and uncertainty. Decision analytics will have a transformative impact on the IT market. This union of decisioning tools and advanced analytics enables enterprises to become more precise and confident in making complex forward-looking decisions. To date, IT and BI have been all about understanding the past and present. A comprehensive understanding of the past and present is invaluable and is a critical prerequisite for making forward-looking decisions. However, in order to effectively make informed forward-looking decisions that will have lasting utility, reliance on predictive analytic techniques is paramount.


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