ESG Research Report: Data Protection Cloud Strategies
ESG Research Report

Dec 27, 2016
ESG surveyed 370 North American IT professionals representing midmarket (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class (1,000 employees or more) organizations in order to explore their perspectives on and preferences for the various uses of cloud-based services as part of data protection strategies. All respondents were IT professionals familiar with and/or responsible for data protection technology decisions for their organization, specifically around those data protection and production technologies that may leverage cloud services as part of the solution.

Page Count: 34
Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
    • Research Objectives
  • Research Findings
    • Usage Trends for Cloud-based Data Protection Services
    • Who Is Driving Data Protection Cloud Adoption and Usage?
    • Backup-as-a-service (BaaS) Usage and Considerations
    • For Most Organizations, Cloud Is Not a ‘Tape Killer’
    • BaaS Considerations for Large Data Restores
    • Storage-as-a-service/Data Protection Usage and Considerations
    • Making the Choice Between BaaS and STaaS/DP
      • An Important Note to Vendors Selling Offerings on Both Sides of the Decision
    • Protecting Servers Hosted within Infrastructure-as-a-service Offerings
    • Protecting Data within a SaaS Offering
  • Conclusion
    • Research Implications for Data Protection Vendors and Providers
    • Research Implications for IT and Data Protection Professionals
  • Research Methodology
  • Respondent Demographics
    • Respondents by Current Responsibility
    • Respondent Organizations by Total Number of Employees
    • Respondent Organizations by Industry
    • Respondent Organizations by Annual Revenue
    • Respondent Organizations’ Production Server Infrastructure
    • Respondent Organizations’ Total Amount of Disk-based Storage Capacity