The Bigger Truth

    One of the most interesting initiatives inside businesses today is observing how companies are building mobility centers of excellence and looking to improve the way end-users interact with their environments—and how IT looks at ways to manage, secure, and deliver new means of access and productivity inside the business. The initial results we are observing are sparking further innovation in the IT vendor marketplace and are changing the way companies operate. Some companies have simply improved access to applications and data, others have streamlined business processes, and some have completely transformed the way they secure, manage, and access the end-user work environment.

    Many businesses continue to embrace a single product, but vendors are beginning to map their products into workplace delivery platforms that have helped raise the level of awareness around the value that a more holistic approach can yield. Companies looking to solve a single application or endpoint security concern have the opportunity to engage with vendors that have expanded their platforms and incorporated their technologies into a suite of products, which will likely help deliver value beyond a current single-threaded initiative.

    Leading vendors in the workplace mobility space include Amazon, Citrix, Google, Microsoft, and VMware. While each of these vendors offer varying degrees of capabilities, and some lean further toward cloud-delivered options, each are participating at a level that deserves attention. We should expect to see change, further investment, and innovation from each of them. Organizations considering ways to improve the user experience and take back a measure of IT control should look to these vendors as a means of addressing their application, desktop, and mobility initiatives.