ESG Lab Video Summary - Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module
ESG's Tony Palmer discusses the results of ESG Lab's recent testing of the Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module.

Video Transcript

Welcome to another ESG Lab video summary. Today I'll be reviewing the results from our recent testing of Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module, a solution that combines self-service data analytics and cloud-native application delivery, into a single cloud platform engineered to enable organizations to transform data into actionable insights.

In 2016, ESG Research revealed that the top data analytics challenges facing responding organizations are weighted heavily toward data integration issues, including complexity, running analytics across siloed IT systems, different data sources and types, and structured and unstructured data sets. A shortage of skills needed to properly manage and extract value from large data sets was also reported as a challenge. With a traditional IT approach, the amount of time needed to plan, deploy, install, configure and get value out of a big data infrastructure can take weeks or months because of the desperate resources, management complexities, and large amounts of data. ESG Lab validated Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module's ability to gather, analyze and act on data, with a focus on ease of use, collaboration, time savings, data security, and simplified data integration.

Analytic Insights Module is a solution that combines self-service data analytics with cloud-native application development into a single cloud platform engineered to enable organizations to transform data into actionable insights. The Analytic Insights Module workflow consists of three primary components, which focus on gathering the data, analyzing the data, and acting on the data. ESG Lab began by creating a workspace, a sandbox where all of our work could be stored and secure from other users, and without the risk of impacting the data available to other users. We added services such as Hortonworks and chose data to pull into our sandbox. It took just 15 minutes to create a private workspace, deploy Hortonworks, import and index to CSV file, determine the automatic update schedule, and make the workspace ready for work.

Data security is a very important component of big data environments, and ESG Lab verified that Analytic Insights Module can be configured so different users see the same sensitive data according to their access privileges. We also took a look at Analytic Insights Module's ability to automate the workflow of importing data by creating a workflow that examined fields and incoming data, adjusted the data to correct entry errors, and then email the results to an administrative user. The workflow was very easy to build using drag-and-drop capabilities that replaced the need for any manual effort to import the data, or custom scripting to clean the data up.

The final component of Analytic Insights Module enables analysts to act on the data. Analytic Insights Module is delivered on Native Hybrid Cloud, a turnkey platform based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. This makes it easy to turn these insights into data-driven intelligent applications, virtualization tools, visualization tools and new business processes. ESG Lab deployed an already written application into Native Hybrid Cloud via Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It took just 15 minutes for the application to be ready to use. Analytic Insights Module makes building a private working environment fast and easy and self-service operations means less IT burden. Analysts can share data and apps in a secure, compliant environment. Data transformation workflows are automated and application deployment is accelerated. ESG Lab verified that big data activities that traditionally take weeks or months to complete can be done in minutes with Analytic Insights Module with far less involvement from IT administrators.

If you're looking to leverage insights from all your data sources, public and private, monetize new opportunities, enhance customer experiences and optimize key business processes, ESG Lab recommends taking a close look at the Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module.

If you'd like to learn more, please read the full report. It's available for free download at this URL.

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