ESG Research Report: Trends in Protecting Virtualized Environments
ESG Research Report

Aug 28, 2015
Virtualization, more specifically server virtualization, was pioneered by VMware and is now also offered through Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as open source and other mechanisms. Virtualization has truly changed how server infrastructure is delivered in a modern IT environment. As with any other fundamental IT transformation, when production resources are modernized, protection mechanisms must also evolve. As such, it is not surprising that increasing server virtualization usage and improving data backup and recovery have consistently been among the top five IT priorities for midmarket and enterprise organizations over the last several years, including 2015.
In order to get a more in-depth perspective on the strategies and technologies IT organizations are employing to protect their virtualized infrastructures, ESG gathered the data presented in this report as part of a broader research effort covering general data protection trends.

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