Research Report: Protecting Confidential Data Revisited
ESG Research Report

Apr 16, 2009
ESG surveyed 308 North American and Western European IT and information security professionals representing enterprise-class organizations (1,000 employees or more) that were responsible for or familiar with their organization’s current policies, procedures, and technologies used to protect and secure confidential information.
The survey was designed to answer the following questions:
  • Problem definition and scope.
    • How much of their organization’s data do security professionals consider to be confidential?
    • Do users know how many copies of confidential data they have and where they are located?
    • What are the biggest pain points?
  • Market dynamics and purchasing plans.
    • What’s driving demand for confidential data security solutions and in what time frame?
    • Which areas of confidential data security will users address first?
    • In light of the global recession, how are users budgeting for confidential data security expenditures?
  • Policies, processes, and procedures.
    • Which specific confidential data security policies and procedures are most important?
    • If so, how are they defined, monitored, and enforced?
    • How effective are these policies, processes, and procedures?
    • What changes need to occur?
  • Technology deployment and purchasing plans.
    • Which tools are currently in use?
    • Which ones will be deployed within the next 12 months?
    • Are users deploying encryption technologies? If so, where?
    • Are encryption technology deployments tactical or strategic in nature? Are they changing?
    • How are users managing encryption keys? Is this adequate? Will it change?

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