ESG Brief: Cybersecurity Landscape: The Evolution of Enterprise-class Vendors
ESG Brief

Nov 05, 2018
Security strategies based upon disconnected point tools are ineffective and inefficient. As a result, many organizations are consolidating security technologies and winnowing down their list of vendors while building a security architecture based upon tightly coupled security controls and services. This transition has several ramifications. On the demand side, it is altering security technology procurement behavior where organizations are spending more money with fewer vendors. Of course, this is having a boomerang effect on the supply side as security vendors integrate their products and services with the hopes of offering enterprise-class cybersecurity “platforms” covering threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities across endpoints, networks, servers, and cloud-resident workloads. This brief examines these trends through the eyes of 232 IT and cybersecurity professionals. The data reveals existing cybersecurity technology strategies and the challenges they present. It proceeds to investigate how organizations plan to address these challenges through technology integration, vendor consolidation, and a move toward cybersecurity “platforms.”

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