ESG Blog: I Need Your Help!!!
Steve Duplessie   ESG Blog: I Need Your Help!!!
Author: Steve Duplessie


It's been years since I've begged, cajoled, threatened, etc. for funding from my ecosystem.  Well, times they are a changing.

Long time friend and ESG'er Mike Beaudet has taken on this year's ESG Charity sponsorship efforts and is leading the charge to raise awareness and funding for a local chapter of Best Buddies (Along with Tom Brady, mind you.).

This is a fantastically important and awe inspiring charity.  So, please come join us for some golf on June 24th, or (even better) - just make a donation. Everything is tax deductible and well, even if it weren't, you should do it.  I don't ask for much, and it would afford you my undying love (until you piss me off again, but it will waive previous misgivings!)

Give what you can - PLEASE!

VENDORS: You should proudly comment on this medium about how BIG your donation is, and then prepare to feel the love rain down upon you......


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