Test Drive Report: EMC Syncplicity Business Edition
Online File Sharing and Collaboration Test Drive
As part of the ESG Test Drive Program for business-oriented online file sharing and collaboration (OFS) services, ESG tested and evaluated EMC Syncplicity Business Edition. The test drive included assessments of installation, central administration, security, data protection, collaboration and file sharing, versioning and file recovery, mobile device use, and support capabilities—from both an IT administrator and end-user perspective. This individual ESG Test Drive Report contains the results and ESG analysis of EMC Syncplicity Business Edition.
Report Info
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Vendor overview—Syncplicity
  • Results Summary
  • Detailed results—IT administrator tests
    • Testers appreciated the configurable administrator settings but were disappointed with the lack of high-level reporting capability.
      • Syncplicity has standard security features as well as good remote-wipe capability, which admins could set to wipe automatically following the unsharing of folders.
  • Differentiated features—EMC Syncplicity Business Edition
  • Our impressions
  • Detailed results—end-user tests
    • Testers found that Syncplicity exhibited some unexpected behavior and would have appreciated more help in the form of a wizard to walk them through setup.
      • Testers accomplished all tasks in this area successfully but were confused by inconsistencies in how tasks are accomplished between the web interface and client application.
  • The Bigger Truth