ESG Research Report: Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations in Transition
ESG Research Report
In order to assess organizations’ cybersecurity analytics and operations plans, successes, and struggles, ESG surveyed 412 IT and information security professionals representing mid-market (500 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class (more than 1,000 employees) organizations in North America and Western Europe. All respondents were involved in the planning, implementation, and/or daily operations of their organization’s security analytics and operations.
Report Info
Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
    • Report Conclusions
  • Introduction
    • Research Objectives
  • Research Findings
    • The Current Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Landscape
    • Cybersecurity Operations Staffing and Skills
    • Security Analytics and Operations Technology
    • Moving Toward a Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA)
      • Operationalizing Threat Intelligence
      • Automation and Orchestration
      • Artificial Intelligence
    • Future Security Analytics and Operations Plans
  • Conclusion
    • Recommendations for Cybersecurity Professionals
    • Recommendations for Cybersecurity Vendors
  • Research Methodology
  • Respondent Demographics
    • Respondents by Current Responsibility
    • Respondents by Number of Employees
    • Respondents by Industry
    • Respondents by Annual Revenue
    • Respondents by Region