Research Report: Unleashing the Power of AI in Analytics and Business Intelligence
Research Report

May 23, 2024
by Mike Leone, Christian Perry, Enterprise Strategy Group Research
The ever-increasing volume of distributed data generated by and available to the business continues to overwhelm data-centric stakeholders. As organizations struggle to gain a comprehensive picture of their data, yet another layer of complexity presents itself: rate of change. With the rate of change in the business often eclipsing the rate at which data can be collected and analyzed, organizations need help ensuring the timely delivery of accurate insight based on the current state of the business. By enabling users to access and analyze data without the need for specialist knowledge or coding expertise, AI is helping democratize analytics for the wider business. Users can quickly and easily explore and visualize data, gain new insight through better collaboration, and share results. Whether through augmented analytics or generative AI, AI is making it easier for users to find and analyze the data they need without the manual processes that typically deter broader BI and analytics adoption.

To assess the state of analytics and BI platforms in today’s organizations, Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 375 data and IT professionals in North America (US and Canada) involved with or responsible for evaluating, purchasing, managing, and building analytics and BI solutions.

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