Research Report: Navigating the Cloud and AI Revolution: The State of Enterprise Storage and HCI
Research Report

Mar 13, 2024
by Christian Perry, Simon Robinson, Enterprise Strategy Group Research
Organizations continue to modernize their infrastructure to meet transformation mandates and position themselves for success in the digital era. As data continues to play a central role in helping businesses differentiate, storage infrastructure becomes critical, which is now thrown into even sharper relief as the large AI opportunity becomes apparent. However, the pace and extent to which organizations can begin to capitalize on these opportunities varies widely, especially when set against the backdrop of macro challenges and preexisting priorities. This study provides a detailed view into how organizations are evolving their storage and related infrastructure, including hyperconverged infrastructure, to meet the broad range of IT objectives at both strategic and tactical levels.

To assess the state of enterprise storage and HCI, Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 375 IT professionals in North America (US and Canada) responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing data storage technologies (including external disk-based storage systems) for their organization.

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