Research Report: A Network Perspective on SASE and SD-WAN

Nov 21, 2023
by Bill Lundell
The level of interest in secure access service edge (SASE) architectures has exploded recently as organizations struggle to use traditional, on-premises-based network and security solutions to support distributed, cloud-centric enterprise environments. While this has been an increasing challenge over the last few years, the pandemic and resulting spike in newly remote workers pushed many organizations to a tipping point when it comes to both security and network traffic. Additionally, the broad applicability of SASE leads to some confusion on where to begin and which technologies are required, exacerbated by legacy organizational dynamics. While Enterprise Strategy Group has seen SASE elevated to a CIO/CISO-led initiative in some cases, inconsistencies remain for many organizations in day-to-day collaboration across network and security teams.

In order to investigate how the network is factoring into SASE adoption plans, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 374 IT and networking professionals at organizations in North America (US and Canada) involved with networking technology and processes, specifically those familiar with both SD-WAN and SASE technologies.

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