Research Report: Passwordless in the Enterprise
Research Report

Sep 12, 2023
Traditional authentication methods aren’t working. With the availability of cheap cloud GPUs to crack passwords and tens of billions of known accounts/passwords, it’s clear that passwords aren’t secure. MFA hasn’t been a viable replacement as it’s susceptible to social engineering, phishing, and other attacks while introducing user friction and degrading the user experience.

Successful attacks are cultivating the need for a new authentication method. Recent prominent MFA-based breaches and friction in the end-user experience have reached the ears of app developers, IT, and cybersecurity leadership. Organizations are now searching for alternative methods to address the risks and challenges of MFA and password-based authentication.

IAM vendors need to demystify passwordless authentication. While the concept has received tremendous publicity as a panacea, organizations struggle to understand which passwordless methods are the best fit for different use cases. Passwordless vendors are jockeying to differentiate themselves in this crowded space to demonstrate they’re the best fit for prospective customers.

To gain insights into the authentication landscape generally and the evolution of passwordless technology specifically, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 377 IT, cybersecurity, and application development professionals responsible for identity and access management programs, projects, processes, solutions, and services in North America.

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