Research Report: Cloud Data Protection Strategies at a Crossroads
Research Report

Aug 24, 2023
The broad adoption of public cloud services and containers as sources and repositories of business-critical data puts the onus on data owners to deliver on data protection SLAs for cloud-resident and container-based applications and data. Users are confused about the data protection levels that public cloud and Kubernetes environments deliver and about the changing protection options (DIY in the cloud, cloud-native third-party solutions, hyperscalers’ built-in features, as-a-service, etc.). As vendors and the cloud ecosystem evolve and add as-a-service consumption options, end-users are making incorrect comparisons and assumptions as well as failing to select the key data protection capabilities they need to maximize their cloud technology investments. This confusion leads to lasting challenges, and the market is now at a crossroads.

To assess the state of cloud-based data protection and the as-a-service market (e.g., in cloud/to the cloud, BaaS, and DRaaS), TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 397 IT professionals in North America (US and Canada) familiar with and/or responsible for data protection technology decisions for their organization, specifically around data protection and production technologies that may leverage cloud services as part of the solution.

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