Research Report: Q2 2023 Activity Trends: What’s Driving Growth Across the TechTarget & BrightTALK Network
Research Report

Aug 21, 2023
This report covers trending areas of interest across 240+ IT markets over the last 6 months (January 2023 – June 2023) in five (5) regions across the TechTarget & BrightTALK network: WW, NA, EMEA, APAC, LATAM.

• Top 20 markets driving activity

⎻ Represents the top 20 broad technology markets driving the most activity in the last 6 months. Activity data can help to show where audience research is growing or declining and therefore help reinforce which markets are hot or declining.

• 25 topic areas on the rise

⎻ Shows the top 25 granular topics growing the most across the TechTarget network in the last 6 months. This gives insight into the content areas that are on the rise right now.

Discover what’s trending on our network, which you can leverage to engage IT buyers in market now and improve marketing and sales effectiveness.

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