Research Report: Beyond the GenAI Hype: Real-world Investments, Use Cases, and Concerns

Aug 18, 2023
by Mike Leone, Christian Perry
While AI in general was already assimilating into the everyday business and IT lexicon thanks to ongoing AI and analytics strategies and initiatives, GenAI recently stormed the market and mindshare of decision makers across industries and major geographic markets. Business leaders see a massive opportunity to positively impact operations and customer strategies with GenAI, but its adoption and use across all business units carry a fair share of trepidation.

Most organizations are aware of GenAI, and a rising percentage are currently formulating strategies to both harness the technology’s benefits and control its use to prevent data quality issues and information leaks. To assess the state of GenAI strategies and plans, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 670 IT professionals and business decision makers in North America (65%), EMEA (18%), APAC (16%), and LATAM (2%) involved with generative AI initiatives in their organization.

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