Research Brief: The Value of DataOps Initiatives
ESG Brief

Dec 27, 2022

Data quality issues, distributed data, tool proliferation, overburdened and underskilled teams, rising costs, and increased risk all contribute to the complexities of today’s data ecosystem that hinder the democratization of data and analytics. As a result, organizations are looking for ways to empower data teams to reliably deliver data and analytics to all consumers. DataOps processes liberate data silos and democratize workloads throughout the data lifecycle, yielding significant improvements in data quality, cross-functional collaboration, and analytics outcomes.

To gain more insight into DataOps trends and value, TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group conducted an in-depth survey of 403 technical and business data professionals involved with data and analytics modern tooling, technology, and processes at large midmarket (500 to 999 employees) and enterprise (1,000 or more employees) organizations in North America (US and Canada).


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