ESG Research Report: The State of Digital Ecosystems at the Edge
ESG Research

Sep 07, 2022
Organizations are distributing applications across multiple public cloud environments and edge locations. This is driven by the need to collect and analyze the data generated at these remote sites to enable organizations to improve quality, deliver enhanced experiences (both customer and employee), and gather deeper insights into the business. Because the “edge” can be defined in many ways depending on several factors, such as company size and industry, organizations employ a range of strategies and an ecosystem of partners that includes cloud service providers, telecommunication companies, colocation providers, and even traditional technology vendors to ensure robust edge computing environments that deliver critical business insights.

To understand how enterprises are leveraging technology vendors, carriers, telcos, MSPs, and CSPs to innovate and optimize edge computing environments, ESG surveyed 374 IT professionals at organizations in North America (US and Canada) responsible for their organization’s edge computing applications, tools, policies, and procedures.

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