ESG Blog: Splunk Show Shows Spunk (Includes Video)
The Splunk.conf 2014 event in Las Vegas was an eye-opening view into the company's bold aspirations for a more strategic role in the future of the big data marketplace.
Nik Rouda   ESG Blog: Splunk Show Shows Spunk (Includes Video)
Author: Nik Rouda


Check out my "man on the street" video from the event, and read my additional takeaways below. 

With 3,500 attendees, Splunk.conf is now a serious event drawing a diverse audience of stakeholders in the company and its products. A number of trends were called out as key directions including:

  • Mobile-first
  • Cloud automation
  • Continuous app delivery
  • Analytics-driven security
  • IoT - here defined as “industrial data”

Across all of these areas, Splunk has emphasized an approach that can be summed up as, “Start asking questions, and iterate your way to the answer.” The company wants to help move from rigid data platforms (“Please don’t schematize it!”) to a more flexible, open, on-demand interactive platform with data collected from numerous diverse sources.

Priorities for Splunk were outlined along the follow areas for investment:

  • Analytics for everyone - wanting to welcome the casual business user and address their needs, and not be seen as just for IT log files analysis anymore.
  • Reducing TCO - looking to find ways to make it easier and cheaper to manage all of their customers’ data, independent of source or operation.
  • Splunk anywhere - bringing value that is consumable in the cloud, on-premises, through an MSP, in general going where the data is.
  • Solutions - rising above being purely a data management tool and now exploring the building of enterprise security and other apps on the platform.
  • Splunk App Dev - offering 100s of app templates in scripting or search languages, with SDKs, APIs, and a developer platform support team to help.

Apparently there is a now famous term at Splunk, to help customers get beyond the “glass of pain,” an entertaining spin on the “pane of glass” concept so many other management tools emphasize. Supporting each of the trends and objectives above were numerous updates to existing products, including Splunk Enterprise, Cloud, and Hunk (for big data and Hadoop environments. In addition a new mobile intelligence product "Mint" was announced. Way more new features and functions than we can cover in a single blog post, but it all adds up to a significant expansion of the company's purview and impact.

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